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Sleeping Issues

So. I’m here to write this blog post.

I don’t know what I’m going to write. A brief idea, it’ll be ‘something good’.

When exactly I’m writing all this?

Time: 12:57 am, Date: 14thMarch 2023 and Day: Tuesday.

You know, a few days back I questioned myself: Am I sleeping enough?

I posted this here, thinking, you all might be able to relate in some ways.

Yesterday I slept on correct time. At 10 pm.

Unfortunately, I’m late today.

I’m writing this blog post. But I should be sleeping.

I’m unable to sleep.

And I have no explanation for this.

I can’t sleep. It’s just that.

Many of you have received my comments and replies on your blog posts in last two days.

You won’t believe, a day before yesterday (probably on 12th March) I didn’t sleep throughout the night.

Surprisingly, I didn’t realise this. How quickly time passed?

When I saw current time 06:30 am, I opened the room door, to check if this’s true?

And what I saw next, for some moments, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The outside scene was white, full of brightness. I ran back and closed the door.

I wanted to sleep before the sun show his face to me.

Don’t getting proper sleep?

You might want to help me here. And you must have good suggestions.

Let me tell you.

You don’t need to worry!

I’m able to manage my sleeping patterns. And I’ll work on this. (Please feel free to suggest your thoughts.)

For temporary reasons, it might be stress and overthinking.

In the long term, there must be a bunch of ‘not good’ habits which I might be doing.

What are those ‘not good’ habits?

  • using excessive smartphone continuously for hours
  • not following a regular sleeping pattern
  • not drinking enough water
  • not going for regular jogging and exercises
  • irregular dinner time and food choices

These are possible core reasons I highlighted here.

Temporary and Longtime factors I’ll work on these both.

I do have one sessional test, today, in the afternoon.

There’s an another sessional test on tomorrow.

Exam dates for this first semester has been released.

They’re starting from 20th March, and will continue till the end of this month.

I might get some time then (max. one week). And we’ll be writing and reading more blogs there.

P. S. : I am available to read your blogs. Can’t read all of them.

But I’ll try to add some happy constructive comments on your blogs.

Take care. Best wishes.

Do you have any questions or thoughts? Comment below.




A few days back, I got a notification on my WordPress app, saying,

“Congratulations! Your site The Lokesh Sastya Blog has crossed 1000 views on WordPress”.

So I want to thank WordPress itself for allowing and providing me the required ‘space’.

Second and foremost, I want to thank all of you who currently reads me.

We don’t expect anything special in the return.

Reading eachother is a way to express mutual friendship.

Humans are created that way; that even you don’t know me, directly, you feel my words.

I have given this post the title “999 views”. Because 999 means it’s about to become 1000 soon.

If I wrote ‘1k views’, next, there would be challenge to make it 1001.

There’s a little difference. 999 seems more hopeful than 1000.

This is how I think. You need not be completely agree.

A Maths student will accept it as 1000 only. History students are allowed to call the number 999 at first.

In the end, they also accept it’s 1000 and not 999.

Writing topics and discussions — So much can be done regarding this.

Social sciences, languages, lifestyle, learning lessons and philosophy, all these are my interests.

The process of discussion is more important than the topic.

So much content is being produced in several forms on several platforms.

I started “the Lokesh Sastya Blog” with short blog posts. They introduces my life.

Poems are easy to write. They’re fluent, expressive and effective.

I don’t regret switching to them.

Conversations on the theme of education is the base of this blog.

If you talk about goals and motives, I might add more points under the theme of education and learning.

I will keep experimenting with my writing style, as a moody person.

I try to be flexible instead of getting too hard and critical.

My eyes feel hurted. So I don’t do regular reading and writing on the regular basis as a blogger.

History classes of college also run on regular basis. And I don’t think you all want me to not show interest in my studies.

I want to continue my hobby of writing, duty of a regular student, and aspirations to improve and upgrade further.

I feel lost, many times. Completely broke on rare occasions. Overall, it’s a continuous process including some happy moments.

So I enjoy continue walking; and don’t regret what I did and not did in the past.

I will tell you about a recent incident. On 28th February 2023 I have to appear in the exam of UGC Net 2022 for my subject History.

This exam allows you to start PhD after PG. Fellowship also provided to the researchers who earn excellent scores.

I got late. I reached on the examination center at 02:56 pm. The exam time was 03:00 pm to 06:00 pm of total three hours.

I have heard that the guards allowed entry upto 02:50 pm. The official time was set to 02:30 pm by the NTA (organising agency).

From the Raja Rammohan Roy Hostel (the RRR) to the Kashi Institute of Technology (the KIT) total distance was 27- 25 KMs.

I went there on bicycle (an amature decision). However, choosing an E-rickshaw would be the correct option.

No! Extra fair/charges was not the issue. I took it as an adventure.

Travelled total distance of 25 KMs for 2½ hours on the bicycle, and got late.

Why I did that?

I basically come from a rural region of India. Trains, City buses, wide highways, and tall buildings are new to me.

I learned late to paddle and run a bicycle. (I wish my parents would have bought me a bicycle. They lied for four years. Even when I improved my scores in the studies on their request.) I’m still untrained using a bike.

It’s the second time when was controlling and sitting on a bicycle in Varanasi.

I never travelled more than 1 or 2 KMs earlier. And now I tried to travel 25 KMS which’s a significant difference.

It was a two way National Highway, the cars and the trucks keep passing, rapidly, close to me.

Luckily, I went and reached to the examination center and came back to the RRR Hostel safely.

When I reached the hostel, the clock showed time 05:55 pm in the evening.

Unfortunately, I missed the paper. I and another boy from Prayagraj city requested the guard to allow us to enter inside the building, but he refused politely.

It’s not correct to argue when you’re wrong on the legal and moral basis.

In the second half of this month, my semester exams for the first semester of MA History are going to be started.

The first phase of the Civil Service Exam is dated on 28th May 2023. It’s followed by UGC Net 2023 paper in June.

So I don’t have much time and excuses. I have to try, analyse and evaluate myself to perform the best under the given timeline.

I need to be careful and enough informed throughout this process.

I don’t know what I’m talking about. There must be some grammatical and factual mistakes.

I believe I’m honest to myself, and will continue walking this way.

Thank you for reading this blog post. Bye for now.


Catching ‘The Bus of Progress’

Hey, Get up now!
Get ready to set a goal…
set a goal that defines you…
defines you as a combined whole.

Because in fragments —
your energy is divided,
focus is disturbed and
the productivity decreased.

How far will you go if
you’re unable to walk
the first step?
How will you use
the knowledge of geometry
and the shapes?
How much effective and
significant you’re if
there’s no one present to
appreciate and clap?

Before it’s too late,
too awkward, and becomes
‘the thing of the past’,
Hey you! Please catch
“the bus of progress”.